www.thenewsmarket.com is offering access to Gatorade's commercial promoting its "Unreal Around the World" contest that encourages entrants to demonstrate how their training and hard work translates to unreal performances.

Five winners will receive a once-in-a-lifetime global football experience from July 27-Aug. 12 at some of the world's most iconic clubs including FB Barcelona, AC Milan, Liverpool, Arsenal, Boca Juniors and the Brazilian Football Confederation.

Their journey will begin at the Gatorade Science Institute lab in Bradenton, Fla. There, contest winners will undergo the same body composition, sweat testing and fuel analyses as the other top football players. Results will then be used to create their own customized Gatorade formula and sports fueling plan to equip them for the remainder of their journey to some of the most elite football clubs around the world.

Click here for further details on the contest and a link to the embeddable version of the video: http://info.thenewsmarket.com/e/23022/8e-0fbd-45fe-acbd-771b188a9c50/3vkvs/410140867

You can also visit Gatorade's YouTube page to embed the video directly: http://info.thenewsmarket.com/e/23022/yEpQHTM7LI-ampfeature-youtu-be/3vkw6/410140867