I may go to the Philadelphia curling club with a few of my friends, have a beer or two, and show the world that curling isn’t that hard. I think I can heave the rock from between my legs, like a beginning bowler, and get it in the circle in no time. I won’t have to go down on one knee and mug for camera time while I’m doing it either.

I won't wear a fancy outfit or pretend there's some real technique being used. I will use the "shuffleboard" method that many retirees in Florida employ everyday.

Why isn't there a commissioner of this sport? Shouldn't there be? Who is the Bud Selig of Curling? Is there a Curling app, or Curling game center live yet?

To me for an "activity" that's been around this long the details still haven't been worked out to move forward into the 21st century. Who sells the "rock"? Is there a preferred vender? I noticed some business sell a stress reliever rock for under $2.00 and some advertising houses sell them for almost $200 with your company name printed on it?  Is that good advertising at the ole curling club? I don't think so.

One last thing. All good activity's have major injuries that occur as a result. What's the worst thing that could happen to me while curling? I slip on the ice and get concussed? Or my pants get wet? When you look up common curling injuries on Google you'll find the same injuries that occur in everyday life. To me that say's it all. I'm going to try this and I will write about it for sure. Until then I'll continue to mock it. I'd love to see it sell out at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, then I'd be impressed.